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Gender Policy and HIV in China: Catalyzing Policy Change / Edition 1

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. International studies suggest that women who are more economically and socially vulnerable may also have a greater risk of HIV infection, yet few initiatives have focused on discrete areas where achievable and sustainable gender policy measures could be linked to the public health response. This study presents perspectives ranging from criminology to social psychology to better understand how gender perspectives can inform HIV policy in the context of China.

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Alarmingly high rates of HIV among China's youth

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October 16, Recent Comments from the Network. Comment from Koluthappallil Muraleedharan. Post date: Sep 18 - pm. Title: Climate change supports. Posted in: Social Change Network. Comment from Dr. Post date: Sep 13 - pm. Title: Get together and exchange views. Title: Transmitting online? Post date: Sep 12 - am. Title: Peoples power - sequential dialogue. Title: Human rights implementation. Posted in: The Media and Development Network. Post date: Sep 9 - pm.

Catalyzing Policy Change

Title: Comments on Quick Links. Posted in: Polio and Immunization Network. Post date: Sep 8 - pm. Title: Hie We can communicate. Scannell writes beautifully and with an insight that escapes most physicians. In this irresistible, informative, and enormously moving book, she tells us not only her own story, but theirs. Now, in an enormously moving, thoughtful and compassionate memoir, she recounts how she discarded her traditional medical training and learned how to rely on her own sensibilities The individuals that she met on the ward, she writes, "shook me, stunned me, alarmed me, twisted me, righted me, tricked me, and amazed me.

Back in print CreateSpace. Paralleling the discovery of HIV and the rise of the AIDS pandemic, a flock of naysayers has dedicated itself to replacing genuine knowledge with destructive misinformation - and spreading from the fringe to the mainstream media. Now from the editor of the journal 'AIDS and Behavior' comes a bold expose of the scientific and sociopolitical forces involved in this toxic evasion.

This is a refreshing and readable book in which AIDS is used as a lens to understand the public health enterprise ranging from leprosy and syphilis to tuberculosis and SARS. Baldwin offers a deeply historical and comparative understanding of HIV in the industrialized world. Gostin, author of Public Health Law: Power, Duty, Restraint"Although a vast literature has emerged to chronicle and reflect on the history of the AIDS epidemic since it was first reported almost a quarter of a century ago, there is nothing like Peter Baldwin's probing and synthetic analysis of AIDS in the industrialized world.

Building on his masterful Contagion and the State in Europe , Baldwin has provided a complex historical tapestry of how an epidemic threat has challenged and exposed democracies that thought infectious threats a thing of the past.

Gender Policy and HIV in China

Exploring special schools, restrictive diets, sensory stimulation, relationship-based therapy and other treatments, this candid and courageous story follows one mother's quest to help her autistic daughter engage with the world around her. This poignant memoir documents one person's efforts to compress a lifetime of living, loving, and loss into a single decade, a decade that changed the way the world looked at sex, death, dying, and gay men. It talks about passion and devotion in a time when little was known and much was feared about AIDS, a time when powerful judgments were based on hardly more than vague hunches.

Today, there are treatments, HIV tests, and a wide body of knowledge and experience concerning the epidemic. Senak charts these achievements step by step during his personal journey through the intersecting worlds of the dying and the living, and he creates a vivid tribute to the fallen. A powerful collection of stories, poems, and excerpts gives voice to HIV-positive individuals and their caregivers from the front lines of the AIDS epidemic and offers a poignant look into the effects of AIDS on human life. Global Health.