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The resurgence of interest in magic has led to a new interest in magical groups, and Phil Hine brings a wealth of experience in groups to an exploration of the advantages and disadvantages of working magic with other people. Prime Chaos also explores some of the lighter and darker aspects of modern occultism, and presents new ideas for developing magical techniques for the 21st Century.

In addition, you have on this book a unique piece of history: a cover by William S. Burroughs, author of Naked Lunch and many other famous works.

Chaos magic where to start

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Num Pages: pages. Dimension: x x Weight in Grams: Seller Inventory V For me, the crux of the matter is that ritual magic is fun. Moreover, ritual magic is a skill. A magical ritual is more than the sum of its parts.

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Ritual has elements of performance, and its own psychology; yet it would be a mistake to consider ritual to be merely psychodrama. Ritual can be broken down into the arrangement of sensory cues, voice technique, gesture, visualisation, movement, symbolism, role-shifting and trance induction, yet it is more than any of this.

Unaccountably, rituals, when performed, create an atmosphere — a space — in which something mysterious and wonderful may happen. If nothing else, ritual demonstrates how little we know of our potential, of ourselves, and the world through which we move.

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We can identify events such as the Japanese Tea Ceremony as an example of ritual behaviour, although it is certainly different in content and purpose to the Catholic Communion Mass. The cues that we can identify in order to distinguish ritual from non-ritual behaviour are often subtle degrees of emphasis.

Episode 230: Chaos Magic Part One - The Basics

Changing from one set of clothes to another can become a kind of ritual, particularly if your movements become overly stylised and you become aware that by changing clothes in this fashion, you are changing some aspect of your awareness in accordance with a particular desire or aim.

Hence ritual serves to focus attention. The difference between a normal gesture and a magical gesture i. For a simple example, try the distinction of simply taking a drink from a cup and then making that action a formal toast.

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  • Chaos magic where to start;
  • The action is the same — the difference comes in the way you do it, and your awareness of the deliberateness of your movements. To understand how group ritual can build up a particular atmosphere try the same exercise with a group of people. First everyone takes a drink as he would normally. Then each person in turn, makes the actions of a formal, deliberate toast.

    The point is that if you do any action, however seemingly mundane, in a deliberate way, it feels different. When a whole group of people perform that action, it takes on another degree of distinctiveness.

    Another core element of ritual which is related to attention and deliberateness is that of sequence. Rituals often follow, or contain, particular sequences of actions and events.

    Gnosis (chaos magic)

    The repetition of actions is considered a key element in psychological definitions of ritual. For example, repetitive hand-washing behaviour can be explained as an unconscious ritual to ward off anxiety. Repetition can be a powerful technique in ritual — in the chanting of words or phrases, the repetition of movement, gesture, dance steps etc. For the moment however, let us concentrate on sequencing. Magical rituals tend to follow a pre-defined sequence, which, at its most simplest, is a beginning, a middle, and an end.

    Prime Chaos: Adventures in Chaos Magic - AbeBooks - Phil Hine:

    A rather obvious point you might think, but the recognition of where and when a ritual begins or ends is not always clear. If we recognise that a key to understanding rituals is that they have a distinct quality of experience to them, then we need to pay particular attention to how the transition is made both towards and away from that quality. It is common for modern magicians to begin rituals with a sub-ritual complete in itself which marks the opening and closing transitions of a ritual event. This is generally known as the Banishing Ritual, and I will look at this specific form of ritual more closely later.

    Peter J. Carroll author of Liber Kaos and Psybermagick. Phil Hine is the foremost interpreter of the chaos paradigm. Prime Chaos is a survival manual for the 21st century. This is the real deal. I love this book because it gives a magick without the bullshit and lies that fill so many works on the occult. The ideas are useful both for the lone worker of any Path and for people wanting to run a wiccan coven or other group.

    Phil Hine is a former editor of the internationally acclaimed magazine Chaos International. He has facilitated workshops and seminars on modern magical practice in America and Europe and contributes regularly to a wide range of occult journals. Home Books Audio Video Submit. About Us.