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This is much more a tapestry of beautiful mathematics and physics which contains material to intrigue readers with any mathematical background. At the same time there is a comprehensive bibliography that will lead the reader straight to the sources and proofs of the results. The book is written in a way that anyone can get some of the feeling and ideas of the subject Connes has accomplished the wonderful feat of explaining in a simple and coherent way 20 years or so of his impressive work. I recommend this book most highly.

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Thanks in advance for your time. Skip to content. Search for books, journals or webpages All Pages Books Journals. Authors: Alain Connes. Hardcover ISBN: Imprint: Academic Press.

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Published Date: 17th January Page Count: For regional delivery times, please check When will I receive my book? Sorry, this product is currently out of stock. Institutional Subscription. Free Shipping Free global shipping No minimum order. First full treatment of the subject and its applications Written by the pioneer of this field Broad applications in mathematics Of interest across most fields Ideal as an introduction and survey Examples treated include: the space of Penrose tilings the space of leaves of a foliation the space of irreducible unitary representations of a discrete group the phase space in quantum mechanics the Brillouin zone in the quantum Hall effect A model of space time.

JONES, University of California, Berkeley "This beautiful, ambitious, and erudite book explains, through many examples, the phenomena, tools, and some of the applications of noncommutative geometry Powered by. Show all reviews.


Noncommutative Geometry - 1st Edition

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Noncommutative Geometry

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Fundamentals K-theory, arithmetic and geometry. Princeton K-theory , 1 , , The Chem character. Academic Press , San Diego Cal. A-B, , , AA Letters Math. High Energy Phys. Zbl Journal of Math.

Noncommutative Geometry (NOG)

Physics , 36 , n. Pure Appl.

Algebra , 5 , , Letters , 77 , 24, , Operator Theory , 4 , , London Math. In: Operator algebras and mathematical physics Iowa City, Iowa, Algebra Math. Schwartz , Noncommutative geometry and Matrix theory: compactification on tori.