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Other features include:

  1. Our Location
  2. Upper Hand Brewery
  3. Perrin Brewing Co
  4. Detroit Fall Beer Festival

Come check out one of our wide variety of events throughout the year, from Taco Tuesdays to Farmers Markets to Trivia Night. And there's nothing quite like relaxing with a cold brew on our spacious outdoor patio while listening to a live band on a warm summer night. To follow our events on facebook click here. Salads Salads, served with your choice of housemade ranch, housemade creamy honey mustard, herb vinaigrette or russian. On Tap Now interested in becoming a brew crew member?

Beer Roster This is a selection of bold brews created thoughout the year. So Venus is light and flavorful to represent an aphrodisiac, Mars a strongly alcoholic double IPA to remind one of war, and Neptune a mystical mix of flavors to represent what was in Holst's time considered the edge of the solar system. He called to make sure there was no conflict, and said he felt comfortable going ahead.

Our Location

Bell described his year-old brewery as a family-owned business that earns much of its sales through word of mouth. You know, I think we're fairly innovative in what we do. The brewery joins a growing list of companies and individuals in recent years who have experimented with space alcohol options. The year before, Brit Ian Hutcheon created a wine with a hint of meteorite inside of it. Some beer is literally space-inspired. Last year, year-old Michal Bodzianowski's microbrewery experiment won a trip to the space station through a student experiments program.

The Lovely Lass working there was very helpful and friendly. I tried both the Juicy Tree and she talked me into trying the Exterior Illuminations. If you have been reading my Brewery Series, you know Sours are not normally my thing. This sour, however, hit the mark.

Upper Hand Brewery

The tart blend of fruits with the sour beer really works. Since I adore an herbacious gin, the Juicy tree was right up my ally.

I was excited to grab a bottle of Carrot Cake that was being released the day we were there. Looks like dessert for Thanksgiving to me.

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I think that the labels are as interesting as the beer and the people who make them. They convey an idea and get your attention! They are both fun and creative. This one looks a lot like Joe. Seriously these people are marketing geniuses.

Perrin Brewing Co

In Shorts ha ha , take a trip North to do some beer exploration. You wont be disappointed. I guarantee you will have a lot of fun and you just might find your new favorite Beer.

As you can see, I found a few new favorites. The Brewer and his Team First of all, a special thanks to Emily for arranging our recent visit and Andrew for making it awesome. The Pub I have had the opportunity to visit the Pub on several occasions and find it a fun and inviting atmosphere. All in good fun, of course!

Bloody Beer — Not as rich and heavy, but just as tasty as a Bloody Mary.

Detroit Fall Beer Festival

Pumpkin Crusha — Best pumpkin seasonal I have tried. They get the spice just right. Rich, delicious and full of chocolate flavor. Starcut Ciders Erraticus — This is made with some funky wild yeast. Bold flavors with a bit of a bite.

What is your preference?

Can we talk about the labels now?