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It is well placed to fund interdisciplinary research as it is not limited to funding single discipline areas. All eligible institutions submit comprehensive information to the ARC about their research activities, including details relating to staff, publications and other research outputs, grants, income from industry and other research users, income from the commercialisation of research, and other applied measures such as patents.

Submitted items can be coded to multiple fields of research, facilitating the capture of interdisciplinary activity. Committees of internationally—recognised researchers evaluate this material by discipline. Their expert judgments are informed by a range of indicators derived from the data submitted.

Building bridges – colloquium on interdisciplinary research - Presentations

To facilitate the assessment of interdisciplinary research, institutions may assign up to three four-digit FoR codes to eligible researchers and research items. Items can be apportioned a percentage to reflect their disciplinary content. The assessment will examine how universities are translating their research into economic, social and other benefits and encourage greater collaboration between universities, industries and other end users of research.

The assessment reviews university research at the two-digit FoR level.

Committee on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research

The two—digit level FoR is the highest level under the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification and therefore captures a broad range of interdisciplinary research activity. The ERA methodology accommodates interdisciplinary research by allowing universities to assign to their submitted research income as many FoR codes as are relevant. For impact, universities submit impact studies at the two-digit FoR level demonstrating impact that occurred as a result of research undertaken and the approach the university took to enable impact.

In addition, up to three two-digit FoR codes must also be assigned to the research associated with the impact, and these may be different FoRs assigned to the overall impact study, providing flexibility within the methodology to accommodate interdisciplinary research. Furthermore, the assessment allows universities to submit one interdisciplinary impact study in cases where impact is so broad it cannot be described by a primary two-digit FoR code.

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The workshop participants were not pessimistic about the challenges — they found them barriers to be overcome. This document, which has been drawn from the presentations and discussions at the workshop, has been written for anyone involved with or interested in interdisciplinary research and education, including funders, administrators, researchers, faculty, and students.

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research | The National Academies Press (free download) – InnovaHiEd

It is a practical guide to motivating, organizing, and establishing interdisciplinary programs. It also discusses broad issues that transcend individual programs.

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This report features descriptions of current programs in sidebars as examples, but not necessarily as models to copy, since every institution and program is different. Some of the information in this guide is basic, and some involves the detailed steps of setting up an interdisciplinary program or center.