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  2. I Would Never Want to Spit Them Up: An Open Letter to Brandi Wells
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  4. Urdu: Please don't be sad, remember that I love you, always.

Either way, you have not allowed yourself to see that about 10 minutes into the presentation, your anxiety would likely peak and decrease, and, while you wouldn't feel amazing, you also would likely survive.

The Lit Pub • Please Don’t Be Upset

Instead, you escaped or avoided fully feeling the anxiety, and therefore you continue to think, I could never do that; the fear is intolerable and would never decrease -- it would just get worse and worse and then I would have some kind of attack or something in front of everyone. Exposure therapy is the opposite of this. When you put yourself and keep yourself in an anxiety provoking situation, you do get to see that your anxiety eventually abates, and then you aren't as scared of the situation anymore.

Another thing that people do with emotions besides escape from them and avoid them is suppress them. So here, you'd say something to yourself like, "I'm not scared of public speaking at all. So why isn't this that great? Emotions are like Whack-A-Mole. When you suppress them, they pop back up somewhere else. In graduate school, I was taught the analogy of "don't think of a white bear" to explain what happens when you tell yourself or someone else NOT to feel an emotion.

You're thinking of a white bear now, right? The same paradoxical effect occurs with emotions: if you're told not to feel one, you will feel it all the more. But now, instead of just feeling the emotion, you'll also feel guilty and ashamed for feeling a way that is "wrong" or that you've been told not to feel. So in our public speaking analogy, you will continue to feel anxious about public speaking, because you suppressed your anxiety rather than allowing it to naturally peak and decrease. You'll also be anxious that next time you won't be able to power through, and your anxiety will really come out, embarrassing you.

So, instead of escape, avoidance or suppression of emotions, the most healthy and effective way to handle them is acceptance and mindfully watching them peak and decrease.

It's like you are observing your own mind, thinking, Oh, look, there's the anxiety. Wow, it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Now it's really high.


Okay, now it's coming down. And now further. This is also a good way to deal with urges to binge or mindlessly eat , or any urge or emotion that makes you distressed. Since you're an awesome parent, I know you want to use this new information about emotions to help your kids. So let's look at an example of two ways to handle a common parenting scenario:. Your 5-year-old is playing with a toy. Your 1-year-old takes it.

Your 5-year-old, surrounded by a minimum of 47 other toys, begins to shriek. You say, "Don't be angry, he's a baby. Take this other toy. Weirdly, though, your 5-year-old hits the baby later, "accidentally," or acts like a real piece of work at dinner later, and you know what, the exact same scenario happens the next day and your 5-year-old reacts the same way. You say, "Wow, you seem really angry. He took it! Sometimes he will keep talking about how angry he is for a little while first, sometimes not. Oh, he may do all the same bad things later as the kid in the first scenario, let's not fool ourselves here, but at least you taught him the following lessons:.

This is the kid who will come to you with other issues later on in life, and who won't suppress his own emotions as readily with mood stabilizers like food, alcohol, medications , because he won't be scared or ashamed of his emotions. Oh, and does this mean that you have to condone behavior you don't like? Let's look at this scenario, and let's even place it in a typical household that uses timeouts for egregious offenses:. There is no hitting in this house.

Jeffrey Lewis @ PhilaMOCA Don't Be Upset

I'm an emotional person. Anger and frustration comes out in many ways I'm not afraid to hug my friends that I love, and I'm not afraid to express my emotions when I'm upset. Big Show. Love Anger Friends Frustration. Never make a decision when you are upset, sad, jealous or in love. Mario Teguh. Sad Love You Decision Jealous. Personally, when things upset me, I get quiet and closed off. I have nothing to say, and a chill sets in while I think about what's going on.

I Would Never Want to Spit Them Up: An Open Letter to Brandi Wells

Freddie Prinze, Jr. Me Chill Think Nothing. A lot of people don't see, when we lose and go through tough times, how upset and disappointed we are. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Tough Times People Lose Tough. Top 10 Upset Quotes. View the list. I very, very, very rarely lose my temper. I do get cross sometimes when encountering something that I feel is improper, that I feel is lacking in justice and equity, and this all sounds very pompous and over the top - but these are the things that really upset me: intolerance, prejudice etc.

I suppose in more mundane matters, I'm impatient. Richard Attenborough. Me Justice Feel Sometimes. I'm very sensitive and I'm quite a soft person, and I cry a lot when things upset me. Leona Lewis. Me Cry Person Things. Only way you can you get upset is when you expecting something.

Bernie Mac. You Way Something Only. I have a rule - 'funny is funny! I will be offensive, edgy and immature, but I will also be very intelligent and relevant.

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At my shows, there are no holy cows. Vir Das. Funny People Aim Comedy. It sounds funny, but my biggest fear is that I'm not perfect. I'm a perfectionist, and I get upset when things go wrong or when I don't do well. Nick Jonas. Funny Fear Not Perfect Perfect. Of course I was bullied and of course I was called names - my last name is Weir. That's very, very close to 'weird,' or 'queer' and any of those words. But I've never been anyone to cry over spilled milk or be upset because kids don't like me, or people don't like me It makes my skin stronger and thicker. And why cry? Your mascara runs.

Johnny Weir. Me People Words Skin. If your partner is angry with you, recognize that his anger is a misdirected plea for love. Your partner's simply upset because he feels something you said or did was a sign of not loving him enough. Karen Salmansohn. Love Angry You Anger. If I don't have cereal on the bus, I'm going to be really upset. Shawn Mendes. Bus Going Cereal Really. If God is slow in answering your request, or if you ask but do not promptly receive anything, do not be upset, for you are not wiser than God.

Urdu: Please don't be sad, remember that I love you, always.

Isaac of Nineveh. God You Slow Your. Over the years, I've found that dealing with white people faux pas can be tricky. If I get upset, I could quickly be labeled the 'angry black girl. Franchesca Ramsey. Angry Girl Black People. Maybe we ought to consider a Golden Rule in foreign policy: Don't do to other nations what we don't want happening to us. We endlessly bomb these countries and then we wonder why they get upset with us?

Ron Paul. Want Wonder Why Golden. Sometimes, life just gets to me where I just get so frustrated to the point of tears.