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I can't stop listening to the whole album but this song reminds me some of Skinny Puppy's glory days. It was a cool rock star moment for me when Chris recognized the kid with red liberty spiked hair from a couple of weeks before, giving me the "cool guy' head nod. Thanks gentlemen. Favorite track: O. Got Game!. Roy Thompson.

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Chemical Halo. Nowhere Now Records. Jack Aitken. Thom Stromer. Fin Squandrago. Matt Rombach. Morbid Florist. Steve Jensen. Angela Sharma. DJ Replicant. Stephen Hall Esq.

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Damin Toell. Eaten by stars. Ross Chippendale. M Alfredson. Sophie Blue. One does get the impression, however, the story must have been fun to write. The dialogue is good; Richler had that ear for vernacular. He never needed to describe the colour of the sofa or what was happening in the background; he just provided authentic and sustaining speech. He wrote Cocksure in Cocksure might not achieve typical Richlerian heights, but it is fun; 4-stars fun. Nov 16, Dan Lalande rated it liked it.

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Mordecai Richler's defining cynicism at its most distilled. A no-holds-barred satire of the sexual revolution penned in '67, wherein a goodhearted WASP tries to keep his head above a teeming sea of self-serving degenerates posing as a progressive society. There are highs of hip sourness that rank with the work of Richler cronie Terry Southern who obviously influenced and schoolboy wit lows that play like forced Playboy cartoons.

Jan 10, Donna rated it did not like it Shelves: canlit , britlit. I found the book dated, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, and anti-black as well. What seems to be a s attempt at comedy and perhaps it succeeded back then , is now simply an unpalatable serving of political uncorrectness. Sep 21, Shelley rated it did not like it Shelves: north-america , s , Yeah it's satire but I wouldn't be surprised if Richler low key believed some of this stuff.

Also just because it's satire doesn't mean it's good and it'll age very quickly. Sometimes using the extremely outrageous works as satirical humor Paddy Chayefsky or Mel Brookes. But this doesn't. It could be because most of the characters are flaunting their outrageousness - I think the absurd needs to be accepted as normal for satire to work. It could just be that, having been writtenin the 60s, the satire has passed it's expiration date. Dec 22, Karen Maguire rated it it was ok. Aug 05, Jason rated it liked it. Hahaha, Social Satire. Not as laugh-out-loud funny as The Incomparable Atuk, but still pretty hilarious at times.

Starts out seeming kind of dated, but by the end felt surprisingly relevant. Jul 21, Jack Beaton rated it liked it. I felt like I was dropped in the middle of a story and it took a while to catch the rhythm of the story. Funny, odd, neurotic Aug 12, Giuseppe rated it really liked it. Funny and uncompromising in his annihilation of sacred thoughts. Feb 26, Zosia rated it did not like it.

It almost read as an excercise, a writing assignment that would flesh out some concepts and ideas for future brilliant novels.

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It is surprising to me that it was published AFTER "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", as it feels as an early effort, written in the s by an aspiring novelist and published later, after the success of "Duddy". The plot is not fully coherent. Chapters sometimes feel like separate pieces of writing, glued artificially together. However, the concept of producing robot-like celebrities and some people living a "screen life" e.

The book would have been stronger and more interesting if the story was further developed in this direction. Aug 19, Terry rated it it was ok. The Cocksure of the title is Mortimer Griffin. It is an ironic title, since Mortimer is confused, ineffectual, and distressed throughout the novel. It is impossible to believe that someone like Mortimer could be a successful senior editor, and of course he could not; Mortimer is an metaphor, a literary device.

He is used to satirize the publishing and indeed the movie and tv industries, of the 's. In the first pages he loses his best friend due to an offhand comment that is in reality not ev The Cocksure of the title is Mortimer Griffin. In the first pages he loses his best friend due to an offhand comment that is in reality not even offensive.

Which is the point: we are not dealing with reality here, this is an absurdist version of reality.

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Soon after, his marriage begins falling apart, again for no realistic reason, then a tycoon known only as Star Maker, buys the publishing company where Mortimer works. Mortimer is swept helplessly along through it all. Character dialogue, actions, and reactions are all exaggerated far into the realm of the absurd, of the nonsensical.

The personalities of the main characters are mere function, sometimes they are symbol rather than characters.

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Star Maker has no true name. He is part gangster part business tycoon, an immortal being, and unstoppable force.

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  • But a person he is not. Rather, he represents an aspect of the entertainment industry that Richler wants to satirize. Similarly, Moritmer's girlfriend, Polly, sees the world as a movie, and behaves as though this were literally true. Such a character is of course impossible except in an absurdist satire. Polly brings a metafictional element to the novel. In a later scene, she is sent to make a phone call. After dialing, she hangs up and instead imagines the scene as it might have played out had she completed the call. The reader's first reaction might be dismay that she is fictionalizing events instead of really doing something.

    But that is the clever thing: she is a character in a novel, there is no 'really' doing anything. Polly's imagined events are no more real than the imagined event she is a part of. Richler then cleverly gives us no alternative to what Polly has 'written'. I prefer satire to be set closer to the reality of the events being satirized.

    I feel beginning with a more realistic portrayal of the publishing or entertainment industry and the people who work in it would be more effective. It allows a realistic insight into how the industry actually works, and then from that point the writer can move into satire. But to launch immediately into absurdity and to stay there is ineffective. Cocksure is a case of Richler flexing his satirical muscles then losing control of himself.

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    Although if someone is a fan of absurdist fiction or nonsensical writing they might find this book to their taste. Dec 01, Jamie rated it liked it. That was unlike anything I've ever read before. The first time I've ever read Richler and boy did I pick a doozie. Absolutely nothing like I expected. It's certainly dated and even in the context of satire, some of the language in here wouldn't fly today I suspect.

    It surely doesn't shy away from shocking the reader and I both cringed and laughed noisily at various points in my read. For the Laura Stevenson album, see Cocksure album. Ramraj Hidden categories: All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.